As it’s July 31st, I thought I should do something special for my favourite blogs! These blogs, along with my amazing followers, are the reason I look forward to going on Tumblr everyday. Some of them are incredible friends, while others are people I’ve never even spoken to, yet all of them have flawless blogs that I will follow always. Thanks so much for the quality on my dash!

Also, thanks to my extremely patient sister who made this graphic for me! 

ϟ anondracomalfoy ϟ anonhermionegranger ϟ bertibottsbeans ϟ delafleur ϟ dirtydelacour ϟ draco-do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin ϟ dracodearest ϟ dumbledoreknits ϟ f-leurdelawhore ϟ fifteen-galleons ϟ fredweasleyislove ϟ friendlyslytherin ϟ hermionified ϟ hoggwartyhogwarts7 ϟ justtrustsnape ϟ keepcalmandpotterby ϟ kneazles ϟ mugglebornandproud ϟ narglesbutterbeerandbroomsticks ϟ obliviate-forever ϟ pinkpygmypuff ϟ prongsandhisflower ϟ  quaffle ϟ romionearemyhorrocrux ϟ slytherindreams ϟ snatchthesnitch ϟ staringdownhippogriffs ϟ the-last-enemy ϟ  weasleyonfire ϟ 

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    Oh, Mel, thank you so much! :3
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    Thank you so much :’D!
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